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Our silk

Silk is a luxurious natural fabric that has become, throughout history and all over the world, synonymous with the sumptuous, exotic aura befitting the emperors and kings of old. Providing a breathable, beautiful, and durable medium for “artists of the cloth”, silk is a timeless material, transcending the fast-paced evolution of the fashion world.

Cocoon Silk crafts beautiful custom gowns using delicate fabrics from their family farm in Cambodia, where the magical natural phenomenon of silk creation is first captured. Then, the silk ios village loomed and dyed, all by hand. There are many kinds of silk, depending on the looming process, and Cambodian silk is quite unique in the traditional methods utilized in their silk manufacturing process. The absence of machines in the technique allows for subtle imperfections in the fabric lending an organic feel and look. Beautiful colors are obtained with organic vegetable and plant dyes, giving the fabric very soft pastel shades.