Meet Leah and Sovanna Yun!

Leah Yun is not only the head designer of Cocoon Silk but also heads the U.S. division of a family business that originates in Cambodia. She has been involved in the business from the young age of 15. It all since with her helping her mother craft outfits back in Cambodia and continued with learning from her brother Sovanna while they managed the business together through the years. Though Leah moved to the United States at a very young age, she has been sharpening her skills and learning the art of design through working directly with her customers and studying under her brother Sovanna.

Now, Leah is ready to take over the position of head designer and is excited to continue Cocoon Silk's tradition of bringing exquisite custom work to her customers, making what used to be obtainable for only a select few into a luxury accessible to all.